Frequently Asked Questions

Does your system cap the number of campaigns we may run?

No, Affiliate Army will not cap the amount of campaigns you can run. You’re free to make as many as you want, and manage them through our software.

What type of integration does your software allow?

Affiliate Army’s software integration allows for a wide range of popular formats. These include API integration, email lead submission, landing page, pay-per-call, and embeddable Javascript applications. And with our flexible software, you can easily manage one or more of these formats simultaneously.

Does your software provide reporting tools?

Yes, Affiliate Army’s software provides detailed reporting tools. Our robust tools allow you to render visually compelling data reports that give you an overview of your entire campaign.

Is your software hosted in the cloud, or on our own servers?

Our system is fully hosted in the cloud; however, we have available options to house the data internally at your centers.

Does your system track application loads?

Yes. Each and every time our application is loaded on your website, it is tracked. These tracking statistics are easily found in the user dashboard, per campaign. This allows you to quickly see the performance of individual campaigns.

Is it possible to tie in Google Analytics?

Yes! Although Affiliate Army has built-in analytics, we understand there may be times in which you'd like to tie your campaigns directly into your Google Analytics account.

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