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Part of the success you'll find with Affiliate Army lies in the technology that helps our campaigns run efficiently. Publishing and advertising professionals alike will be able to get the most out of Affiliate Army’s software. With lead data validation, campaign management tools, and media-partner management tools, you'll benefit from transparency and the ability to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Affiliate Army also integrates customized landing pages that allow your company to be seen while informing your audience about your service.

Through cross-channel marketing efforts as well as vertical marketing, Affiliate Army works to reach your goals and provide you with the tools you need. When you choose Affiliate Army, you’ll get dedicated support from experienced technical representatives who are happy to help you through any difficulties you may have.

Contact an Affiliate Army representative today to learn more about how our unique technology can help achieve your goals as a publisher or advertiser.

More Great Features

A/B Testing

Easily test your changes and optimization

Affiliate Portal

Provide a login portal for all your affiliates

Client Portal

Client Relations Manager built right in!

Campaign Management

Quickly create and manage campaigns.

Unlimited Campaigns

o We place no caps on campaigns, so you can create as many as you’d like!

Unlimited Data

We don't charge based on data usage or limits.

Sub Affiliates

Let your affiliates help your team recruit!

Duplicate Filters

Ensure the quality of your leads with numerous custom filters!

Advanced API

Have a custom form? Directly API Post into us.

Banner Management

Easily manage and deploy advertising banners.

Lead Validation

Prevent revenue loss by validating leads before you pay providers!


Our system has been pressure-tested against abuse.

Affiliate Army CRM Features

Lift your CRM and Sales to New Heights with Affiliate Army

To grow your business and increase sales you need a solution to manage your lead flow and customer data. With Affiliate Army we offer you a wide array of customizable features to help you and your business succeed. Our world class hosted solution offers you the ability to track all sales leads, opportunities and lead activity no matter where you are, mobile, desktop, or laptop.

Our top features on why business choose us:

User Creation

Out of the box we offer key user levels that exposes or limits access to areas of the CRM. We provide you with a default list of the following; however, you have the ability to customize users and leads flow

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Affiliates
  • Buyers
  • Store Locations

Define Roles For Each User Or User Group

Limit access to the system based on defined user roles. Access can be granted at an individual user basis or defined by user group. This is important if you are going to grow. Lead data should be restricted on a need to know basis. Depending on how your business operates you can set up management and skill tiers to only offer data to key members within your organization, or limit only sales leads data to your employees.

Create Workflows

Create custom workflow statuses that dynamically display on the left sidebar for easy navigation and data management. Allow visibility to all or select user or user groups. This can be done with just a few clicks within the user roles.

Create Lead Campaigns

Create new lead campaigns and generate affiliate links with just a click of a button. Once your work flow is set up and the new form is integrated into your website, you have the ability to create thousands of campaigns all trackable to your website via campaign links or API keys. Better yet, we have the ability to dynamically generate custom phone numbers for each one of your campaigns or affiliates to take your marketing further with trackable phone numbers.

Upload Marketing Material

Do you need a place to store marketing creative that you pass to affiliate? With our campaign creation tool you have the ability to add banners, graphics, phone numbers and content to help your affiliates or marketing team succeed.

Define Commission Sales

Define and implement bonuses for closed sales based on an individual level or group level and integrate it directly into your accounting solution, or use our accounting features built in the software.

Build Custom Forms for Data Submission

We start you off with a few basic fields for your new phone leads, but offer the ability to build a customizable form for the data you need when working your leads. Don’t limit yourself with other solutions.

Upload Files To Sales Records

Upload any files tied into each sales record. Centralize all your customer data and upload any necessary files to close the sale. Do you gather documents for loan origination, or mortgages? Do you need a central database to store documents from your customers? If yes, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Leads by Phone

Use a web launcher and our software to track your incoming phone leads from multiple channels. See which sources produce the highest quality and view in real time which employee is handling the most call and applications. It’s easy to set up and an accurate solution if you’re running multiple call campaigns.


Create custom dispositions so you can see what’s going on with your leads by percentages. Quickly discover the reasons as to why your leads might not be doing as well as they should. Out of the box dispositions include:

  • Wrong Number
  • Disconnected Number
  • Duplicate Record
  • No Contact
  • Converted

View User Activities

On a global level you have the ability see all active users in the system to manage your staff accordingly. See exactly what records your staff is working on in real time.


We put timestamps on everything! Every record is time stamped from when it enters the system and the record is updated. View an audit log or a running list on the left sidebar of all the notes entered on each specific customer.

Claim Or Assign Leads

If you want control over your lead flow, this is the ultimate. Pass only your highest quality leads to your closers, or customize it to your desired needs.

Schedule Notifications

With a click of a button you can schedule a popup notification to call back a consumer or have the system send you an email reminder. Perfect for any busy operation that sometimes lets leads slip through the cracks.

Upload Custom Canned Emails

If you send out canned emails to your clients this is the one of the best solutions. It customizes every email based on the information on the consumer’s record. Utilize this tool for an increase in sales or simply any additional way to reach your customers.

Chat Tools - Coming Soon!

With a click of a button you can schedule a pop-up notification to call back a consumer or have the system send you an email reminder. Perfect for any busy operation that sometimes lets leads slip through the cracks.

Masquerade As

At the global admin level you have the ability to masquerade as your staff members, partners, managers or buyers and view the system as they see it to help trouble shoot or ensure the lead flow is streamlined.

Lead Types

Do you offer multiple products? Create multiple lead types and delegate the leads accordingly to the channels you have customized based on your users and user skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Affiliate Army will not cap the amount of campaigns you can run. You’re free to make as many as you want, and manage them through our software.
Affiliate Army’s software integration allows for a wide-range of popular formats. These include API integration, email lead submission, landing page, pay-per-call, and embeddable Javascript applications. And with our flexible software, you can easily manage one or more of these formats simultaneously.
Yes, Affiliate Army’s software provides detailed reporting tools. Our robust tools allow you to render visually compelling data reports that give you an overview of your entire campaign.

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